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If this is something you say to yourself often then this post is for you. 

Maybe you have issues with starting and stopping or perhaps your issue is not starting at all. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone and you’re not lazy. This is something I’ve struggled with especially after having to take a break from lifting and getting back on track was much more of a struggle than I had anticipated.

Staying motivated is a challenge and I’m here to tell you that being motivated 24/7 is bullsh*t. No one feels motivated all the time, it’s just not possible. But if you’re struggling to stick with your workout or diet or really anything in life the key isn’t motivation, it’s consistency.

Motivation can be fleeting. When we start a new diet or workout it’s exciting, we’re pumped, and our motivation is high. But we all know that eventually that motivation starts to wane and it becomes harder and harder to keep going. This is where consistency comes in. When you’re consistent, things start to become a habit, when something’s a habit it’s easier to keep doing it, when you keep doing your workouts and eating well you typically see results, and what’s more motivating than realizing you fit into those pants you couldn’t zip a few months ago?

So it actually doesn’t start with motivation, it starts with consistency. Yes, you’re probably most motivated in the beginning but the focus needs to be on consistency. Use the motivation to help fuel your consistency.

Whatever your goal is, pick a routine that you know you can stick to. If your goal is to workout more and you know you can commit to three days a week, pick three days and stick with it. What’s really helped me get back on track is starting on Monday and going straight through Thursday. Monday being the start of the week, my motivation tends to be a bit higher and once I start I remember how good I feel and it’s easier to keep going. I’m usually tired by the time I get to Thursday but then I remind myself that it’s my last workout before a three-day break so it’s easier to push through it. The result is I end my week feeling extra motivated and I’m more likely to stay active during the weekend and actually look forward to my workout on Monday.

If your goal is to eat more protein, pick one meal and focus on adding more protein to that meal. Keep at it for a week or two and when it starts to feel like second nature, pick another meal and start adding more protein to that meal as well, rinse and repeat as needed. Same goes for any other nutritional habit. 

Consistency =>habit=>results=>motivation

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