Weights and wine might seem like a weird juxtaposition, and it is. But that was the point behind the name change. I wanted something that would encompass everything and not just fitness and nutrition. While fitness and nutrition are key to a healthy life, there are so many other things that make up a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s important to remember that your mental and spiritual well-being are just as important. Afterall, it’s tough to feel like a superhero when you’re run down or only focusing on certain aspects of your life. Weights & Wine is about encompassing all that makes up living life like a superhero. To me, that includes little indulgences like a nice glass of wine. Despite having wine in the title, Weights & Wine is not about getting drunk. Nor is it about lifting weights while drinking wine; that’s dangerous, please don’t try it. Having wine in the title was more about acknowledging that there is a place for “non-healthy” things in a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance. 

I feel that often times the health and fitness industry miss the mark by focusing on all or nothing. That militant style just doesn’t work, it takes health and separates it from everything else. That makes no sense; being healthy should be a marrying of every aspect of your life. Taking what makes you happy and figuring out how to eliminate or minimize what doesn’t. How many times have you promised yourself you were going to be healthy, only to beat yourself up when you give in to a craving or skip a day at the gym? But beating yourself up isn’t healthy. Nor is living a life that doesn’t make you truly happy. It’s about finding the right balance for you. Maybe that’s going out to dinner with your significant other every Friday, or enjoying a nice glass of wine while catching up with your girlfriends; maybe it’s skipping your usual workout for a hike with your dog on a really nice day. Life is messy and imperfect so why would we expect to be perfect when it comes to our health? Weights & Wine was created to talk about everything relating to life really. From workouts to recipes, to organizing, and everything in between. My goal has always been to help women find their inner Superhero but I’ve realized that includes far more than fitness and nutrition. My intention with changing the name was to open it up to more topics and allow more guest bloggers to come in and share their stories of what health means to them and how they embrace their Superhero.

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