In late 2009, a good friend invited me to join her and her family on weekly hikes in and around the Canyon Country/Santa Clarita area. I thought it would be fun so I agreed. The first few hikes were nothing too difficult. You would work up a sweat but they were not particularly challenging in any way. Then came The Big One. I’m going to call it that because I can’t for the life of me remember the actual name of the trail. It was a grueling 8 mile hike with a steady, steep incline. I knew I could stand to lose a few pounds, but it was clear that day that I was not aware of HOW out of shape I was. I made the decision to do something about it and I’m glad I did because that is how I met Melissa.

Melissa, from day one, made me feel very comfortable. She never judged or scolded me for my bad habits. She listened to what I had (or had not) been doing and crafted a program around that level of fitness. She didn’t go all “Biggest Loser” on me and make me do something that would cause me to pass out or, even worse, throw up. She didn’t yell at me or force me to do anything I was incapable of doing. She knew my limits and pushed me to those limits. She would not let me give up – even when I was convinced I would be. I’m so glad she did because I’m sure I would.

Melissa is also aware that it takes more than a good exercise plan to lose weight. We had been training for a while and I was depressed – I was working out daily, but I wasn’t losing as much weight as I thought I would. Then she asked me the most obvious question – what are you eating? I never really thought about it before. Calorie counting was completely foreign to me. She gave me a food journal and a plan and said that, in order to be successful, a good diet was necessary. I’m not going to lie and say it was a piece of cake. It wasn’t. It was hard to change years of bad habits, but with her support, I was able to push through. And, wouldn’t you know, after sticking with the diet and exercise plan, I was starting to notice a change. My husband likes to say that the amount of clothes I bought only to donate has kept Goodwill in business.

2 years later, I am still with Melissa and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve lost 35lbs and am wearing clothes I never thought I would be able to squeeze into without the help of a crowbar. We are having a great time with her “evil” programs that have made me much strong and more toned. I look forward to many more years of her butt kicking. ¬†ūüôā

-Melissa Q.



I’ve been working with Melissa for less than a year. I feel stronger, more self confident and happier than ever.
She takes her work seriously and makes working out fun at the same time. Melissa helps me, she listens
And addresses my personal needs.
I highly recommend Coach Melissa!

-Jill J.

Melissa is an amazing trainer. She really takes the time to customize my routine to what I am specifically working on. She goes above and beyond to give me personalized workouts, makes sure that I do them in my best proper form, and puts them all in a fabulous app that I can take with me whenever I want to workout without her. I literally had no arm muscles at all when I started working with her. Now I’m pretty impressed with what I see when I look in the mirror. I feel stronger than ever and we’re just getting started.

-Nicole P.

Melissa has been my trainer for 6 years. ¬†As a senior citizen (55+) who was never athletic, I appreciated immediately how patient and encouraging she is. ¬†She develops individual training plans for each of her clients to help them reach their goals at their own speed and capabilities. ¬†Since I started training with Melissa, I have lost 30 pounds ( I was never obese, just a little overweight), lowered my cholesterol and gained muscles! ¬†As a busy working woman, Melissa arranged her schedule to meet mine so that I could become healthier and happier! ¬†Melissa’s sweet personality makes her a pleasure to work with and she helped me get over many of my fears that I had of training. ¬†She watches your form and corrects it as required to ensure that you don’t get injured and that you achieve maximum results! ¬†I recommend her to everyone of all ages.

-Diane A.