Going to a social event should be fun. But if your goal is fat loss, it might feel more like a burden. What will I eat? What if I eat too much? What if there’s nothing to fit my diet? What if I ruin everything??   I get it, I’ve been there. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. You can enjoy social gatherings and meals out when you’re on a fat loss plan, you just have to plan ahead.   If you know that you have an event/dinner/etc. on Friday, figure out approximately how many more grams of fat and carbs you’re going to eat over your normal macros. Take those numbers, divide both by six and deduct those amounts from Monday-Thursday and Saturday. If it’s a fairly small number you can just deduct it from one or two days.   For example: If your normal fat and carb macros are 50g Fat and 200g Carbs/day and you figure your party day macros will be closer to 110g Fat and 350g Carbs: 60/6 = 10 1500/6 = 25 So your carb and fat macros for Monday-Thursday and Saturday that week would be: 40g Fat and 175g Carbs.   I understand that it can be tough to know exactly how much you’re going to eat, but do your best to approximate. You’re more likely to be mindful of what you’re eating if you know your “budget” and less likely to stress out or throw your diet out the window for the night.

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