Last week I talked about setting goals for the new year. But what happens when you reach your goal or you just feel like giving up? All too often I hear clients tell me how they’ve reached their health and fitness goals in the past only to give up their healthy eating and workouts and ultimately end up back where they started. I had a client tell me that it’s like school for her; she sticks to her diet and workouts but once she reaches her goal it’s like finals in school, she’s over it. My job as a fitness professional is not just to help you reach your goals, but to be able to maintain the body you’ve worked so hard to achieve. So I have put together a few tips to hopefully keep you from fall back in to old habits.
1. Don’t look at your workouts or diet as a means to an end.
When we look at our diet or going to the gym as something temporary to get us to our goal it makes it much easier to say F this when we reach our initial goal. Instead, try flipping your perspective. Find the positive about working out. Does it give you more energy? Is it a way for you to blow off steam from work? Does it provide a nice break from the kids? Once you find the positive it’s much easier to see it as a part of your routine instead of something to get through to achieve your goals. Same thing goes for your diet. Notice how eating healthier makes you feel versus eating junk food. You probably have more energy and get sick less often. Which in strum probably makes you more productive and ultimately gives you more free time to do the things you really enjoy.
2. Remember that your workouts don’t have to be confined to the gym.
Unless you are training for a fitness competition or trying to add a lot of muscle mass, your workouts don’t need to be confined to the gym. If you find yourself slipping on your workouts because you don’t want to miss out on time with your kids, or you just don’t like being confined to a gym, find something that you can do together. Go for a hike or a bike ride, or maybe there’s a fun obstacle course nearby. Check Groupon, you never know what you might find!
3. Have a support system.
Hopefully you have a supportive group of family and friends to help you stay motivated. If not, find someone who can help keep you on track. Having a trainer is a great way to make sure you stay on track. Even if you can’t meet with them in person just having a coach that you can call when you feel like giving up can mean the difference between staying on track and winding up back where you started. My online coaching program is designed specifically for that purpose!
4. When you feel like giving up or you’ve reached “the end” remember why you started.
Remember how you felt when you started your journey. Hopefully you made a promise to yourself to never go back. Don’t let yourself down!

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