If you’ve been following me a while, or know anything about me you know that my specialty is health and fitness. So what the heck does organizing your hair ties and makeup have to do with health and fitness?

More than you might think. If you read my post What The Heck is Weights & Wine? you know that I’m expanding my blog to include topics outside what one might immediately think of when they think of health, fitness, and nutrition. That’s because there are so many things that affect our health beyond what we do at the gym and what we put on our plates.

Having lots of clutter or not being able to find things easily can affect our well-being. How many times have you been running late because you couldn’t find a hair tie? Were you stressed that you were running late? Did that affect your mood for the rest of the day?

How about when your bedroom is a bit of a mess, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Maybe you don’t even realize it, but there’s a good chance that waking up and seeing stuff lying around makes you feel less than stellar.

Our minds are powerful. What we think, both consciously and subconsciously has the ability to influence how we perceive different situations throughout the day. Being surrounded by clutter and disorganization can make us feel rushed and stressed. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t call that healthy.

That being said, as much as I love to be organized I’m also pretty lazy when it comes to keeping it up. Simply put, if it’s not super simple I’m probably going to abandon it pretty quick. When I was younger I would spend hours organizing and rearranging only to have things fall into chaotic disarray within a matter of days or weeks. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that simpler is often better and that sometimes the best solutions are the easiest, even if they’re not always the most obvious.


So back to my initial example of the hair ties. I cannot tell you how many hair ties I have lost over the years only to later find them under the bed, behind the dresser, etc. Always covered in dust and no longer usable. Why? Because I didn’t have a good place to keep them; so I would come home, take out my hair tie, toss it on my nightstand, the dresser, or whatever was closest and forget about it. Finally, I got so frustrated with constantly buying new hair ties that I decided I needed a better system. The solution came to me somewhat by accident; I was cleaning up one day and noticed I had an extra over-the-door hook. Turns out that hook is the perfect size for all my hair ties and fits over the top of my sock drawer. It’s been four months and I still have most if not all of the hair ties I did when I started. Why? Because it’s so easy to use. My dresser is right next to my laundry basket and on the way to the bathroom. Meaning when I come home from the gym it’s actually the most convenient place for me to put my hair ties. It’s also very conveniently located when I’m getting ready in the morning. So simple and yet so effective. While I had an extra hook and therefore spent nothing on my hair tie organizer, they’re pretty cheap so even if you don’t have one lying around it’s still a very cost-effective solution. You can get two at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond or these for $2.99 at Target or if you’re looking for something a little more fun these hooks come in a three pack for $7.99 at Amazon in turquoise, pink, and green.


What about headbands? Believe it or not, I’ve found a hard plastic pencil case to work best for my soft headbands. Much cheaper than anything designed for hair accessories and because it snaps shut it’s really easy to move if I need to move it out of the way to get something else out of the drawer. For structured headbands, a freebie makeup case works wonders.

Hair bows? Use a drink koozie. Sounds weird but it works well. The stand-up and won’t fall over plus they’ve got a good amount of stretch in them so you can squeeze all your bows and clips in. It also fits well standing up in drawers so you don’t have to have it on top of your dresser if you prefer to keep them out of sight. I got mine for free at Victoria’s Secret when I bought sports bras but if you don’t have one lying around you can get one pretty cheap. This one on Amazon is only $3.99 and it’s super cute.

Now that we’ve got all your hair accessories organized, what about makeup? Have you ever spent way too much time putting your makeup on because you’re rummaging through so much stuff trying to find that one eyeshadow? I know I have. My solution? Those little plastic three drawer organizers for your desk.


They’re cheap, easy to clean and allow you to divide your makeup into three different categories. For me, I like face; lips, mascara, and eyeliner; and eyeshadow, but you can organize it any way you like. This one is only $5.99 at Target

Note: I recommend plastic over fabric because it’s much easier to clean.

That’s it for now. I hope you found these tips helpful. If you give them a try let me know. Feel free to tag me on Instagram @melissamerrittfitness or send me an email. And if you have your own organizational tip please share!

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