All My Favorites

(Product Recommendations)

Can’t get to the gym? Invest in some quality equipment for your home gym. You don’t need huge pieces of equipment. A set of resistance bands, a TRX, and a mat are perfect for small spaces.

Amazon and perform better both have great exercise equipment. If you’re buying anything heavy and you have Prime, Amazon is the way to go.

Planning meals and making grocery lists can be such a chore. And when you’re trying to get everything to fit your macros it can feel more like trying to solve an algebra equation. Thankfully the wonderful people at Eat This Much have done the work for you. Just enter your macros, pick how many meals you want per day, and voila, it generates a full meal plan complete with grocery lists and recipes. It will even keep track of what’s in your pantry so you don’t buy double. If you enter Melissamfitness into the coupon code you’ll get two weeks free without having to enter your credit card info. If you decide to sign up after the trial you get 25% off.

For those of you who work long hours or spend a lot of time on the road, a meal-prep bag is a must. I love Isolator Fitness bags (I have two). They keep food cold for hours, it’s like having a portable refrigerator. Use code MelissaM for 10% off your purchase!

I spend a lot of time in the gym so most of my clothes are workout apparel. I love to look cute and be comfortable, but I don’t like burning a major hole in my wallet. That’s why I love Old Navy and Paragon Fitwear. You can get 10% at Paragon with code MMerritt.

I love to read. I’ve read a lot of books so far this year but these are my top picks. They’re all excellent. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter series yet I suggest you start there, you can thank me later.

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