Workout on your terms

You know that feeling when you’re doing great with your diet, kicking ass in the gym, and feeling great, until….a party comes along and you decide to let loose a little too much? You feel like you’ve just undone all that hard work, your confidence starts to deflate, and suddenly you’ve lost your momentum.

Imagine, instead of dreading that party you walk into it feeling like Xena ready for battle, armed with all the tools you need to not only stay on track but actually enjoy yourself? That is what having a coach is all about. Because living in a box and never going out isn’t practical. Whether your goal is weight loss, maintenance, or just to feel more like that bad ass superhero that you are, it’s important that your fitness and nutrition program integrates with the rest of your life. Because your social life is part of your health too.

Getting in shape is tough. And it’s even more difficult when you don’t have a support system and someone to hold you accountable. While working with a personal trainer is great, it’s also expensive and not something everyone can realistically afford. It also ties you to your trainer’s schedule which may or may not be convenient for you.

Yes, I am a personal trainer and I work with clients in person. And while I love working one-on-one with people in person, I get that it’s not the practical solution for everyone. BUT there is a way to get the benefits, support, and accountability of coaching without the high costs.

Online coaching is a great way to get to your goals on your terms. Not only is it more affordable, but it allows you to workout when and where you want.

With weekly coaching calls you still get the personal feeling of in-person coaching and by uploading your training videos, you get the same feedback you would get when working in-person with a coach. All your workouts are in the MMF app with demo videos for each exercise so you can conveniently access and log your workouts. Not sure if you’re doing an exercise correctly? You can upload your video right to the app and watch it side by side with the demo video. If you’re still unsure you can shoot me a quick text. While I can’t promise that I will always be able to answer you right away, I do my best to answer time-sensitive messages as quickly as possible.

Since working out is only part of the equation, your program also includes nutrition coaching as well as mindset coaching. All three are critical components to your long-term success. Having the right mindset, making sure your goals line up with your priorities and having a program that you can confidently follow and actually enjoy will make you far more likely to succeed.

Weekly coaching calls ensure that we’re both on the same page and that your program is working for you. It allows us to work together to troubleshoot any issues you may have had over the past week, make any necessary changes, and prepare for the upcoming week.

Bronze Age


  • Customized exercise and nutrition plan based on your goals.

  • One skype assessment to help design the best program for you.

  • Email support.

  • Free app to log all your workouts and keep track of habits. 

  • Habit-based coaching to help you create lasting change.

  • Private Facebook group.

  • Office hours via Skype

  • 2 video form checks per week


Silver Age


Includes everything in the BronzeAge plus:

  • Two 15 min. coaching calls/month.
  • One skype assessment every other month.



Golden Age


Everything in the Bronze Age plus:

  • Four 15 min. coaching calls per month.
  • Up to two skype assessments per month.
  • Unlimited form checks