Whether you were injured, sick, on vacation, or just fell out of your routine, it can be difficult to get yourself back to the gym after some time off.

Even I struggle sometimes when I’ve had a bit of a break, and I love the gym. So I get it. It’s so easy to get comfortable being lazy. That doesn’t mean you’re lazy, more that it becomes easier and more tempting to stay home the more you do it, especially when it’s colder out. Somehow despite your regular gym routine you were so dedicated to before, it’s now become more and more difficult to get back to.

So what can you do?


What works best for you is really going to be personal and depend on what motivates you. However, there are some things that I have found helpful for myself and my clients when struggling to get back into the swing of things.


  1. Find a buddy. You’re less likely to bail on a workout if you know your friend is waiting for you. So find a friend, pick a time, and treat it like you would any other appointment.
  2. Take a class. Even if it’s way outside your normal workout routine, sometimes just getting out and moving can help break the routine of not working out.
  3. Make a new playlist. Use Amazon music, Spotify, or whatever your preferred music app is and create a playlist that makes you want to move. Make it something you really want to listen to and make a rule that it’s only for workouts.
  4. Love fashion/shopping? Go buy a new workout outfit or two. Then get yourself pumped to put it on and get to the gym.
  5. Get a coach. Not only is a coach a great way to ensure your program is right for your goals and that you’re doing the exercises correctly, the accountability can’t be beat. Whether you meet with your coach in person, work with them online or a hybrid of the two, it can be a great way to get yourself back on track and moving more smoothly and efficiently towards your goals than before your break.
  6. Start a Meetup group. Love to workout outside but hate going solo? Start a meetup group and meet some new workout friends. The best part? You can be specific with who you want in your group. Are you a jogger who loves books? Start a Jogging Java meetup that’s part jogging club part book club. Mama who loves working out in the park? Start a workout group for pre-school (or whatever age your kids are) mommas right after they drop their kids off. There are so many possibilities and what you’re looking for may even already exist.
  7. Workout at home while you watch a movie. With a couple of resistance bands, a mat, and your own bodyweight, the workout possibilities are endless.
  8. Kids getting in the way of getting your workout in? Get them involved. Exercise is great for kids. It can help them develop stronger bones, healthy hearts, better body awareness, better self-esteem, and help keep them from being overweight or obese, not to mention it’s a great way to bond with them. So next time you think you need to skip your workout to spend time with your kids, try merging the two!  


Have other ideas that have worked for you? Let me know!

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