Sometimes it’s the things that scare us the most that help us grow the most. 

For me, I’ve always been afraid of making too many waves. I was always afraid of saying the wrong thing. God forbid someone didn’t agree with me.

Yet recently I have come to the realization that by not having an opinion, or not stating it, I was holding myself back. I was denying who I am to the rest of the world.  So I’ve been working on posting more opinions and not being afraid to be me.

The other day someone I follow posted a question about a paleo diet. I decided to post my advice. Hitting reply was scary. I felt vulnerable. I didn’t know if people would like what I said or think my opinion was garbage. I realized that it was okay to feel that way. I also reminded myself that I know what I know from years of research, learning, and hands on experience. I do know what I’m talking about. If some people don’t agree with me that’s okay. 

To my surprise people actually liked what I had to say. Someone even said “amen to all of that.” The validation definitely felt good but the biggest growth came from hitting reply. That one small step opened me up. It got me over that initial fear. I’m not saying I don’t feel vulnerable giving my opinion, I don’t think that feeling ever goes away. However I’m learning to work with my fear. 

This week do something that scares you. Don’t be afraid to make waves. We are all here to leave our own unique mark. Don’t live your life on mute. 

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