About Melissa

My Story

I’ve always had a love of fitness but understand the struggles many people face on their journey towards a healthier life. As a dancer turned competitive powerlifter being active has always been important. Yet I’ve faced m own struggles with food in the past. It can be tough to have a healthy relationship with food living in a world of images of the “ideal” body and misinformation about proper nutrition. While I did find my superhero in powerlifting, I spent too many years struggling with negative body image. I’ve now made it my mission to help other women ditch the struggle and find their superhero.

After working with my first personal trainer I was inspired to help others. In 2007 I obtained my first certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I am also a  Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition Coach (Level 1&2), USPA Certified Powerlifting coach, as well as a TRX certified instructor. I also hold specialty certifications in pregnancy and post-partum training, stretching and post-rehabilitative training.

Over the past ten years, I have worked with some incredible women to help them cut through the confusion and create a clear path to their superhero. 

By applying my knowledge of training and nutrition along with years of experience, I have been able to coach many women of all ages and fitness levels to create lasting change and a healthier happier life.